Health benefits of moringa

Health benefits of moringa

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I wanted to check out some of the health benefits of moringa for myself. So using my dad as a guinea pig, I had his blood tested one year ago before starting moringa.

He is a diabetic but has always been able to get by with pills and never needed shots. After the first test we started him on half doses of Moringa and six months later his A-1 C had dropped considerably.

I will admit my dad eats crap. sugary foods for breakfast sugar for dessert sugar for snacks but he’s in his late 80s and he says let me eat what I want to eat.
Twice this year he would get his blood tested and the A1c kept getting better and better. Just got his Latest test results and his A1c is normal.

I do have him on several supplements for his memory as he’s had brain surgery in the past. But I had heard so many people say I’m no longer diabetic as long as I stay on moringa. And now I have proof at least for us. I’m pre-diabetic so I’ll be starting moringa and my husband‘s diabetic and he will be starting at also.

I am not saying stop your medicine and get on moringa… but do the research yourself and see just what does nutritional plant can do for you and back it up with blood tests before during and after.