Our purpose

To promote the health and economic benefits of Moringa thereby providing a platform for the people’s fight against malnutrition and poverty especially in agricultural areas.


We shall be the Moringa umbrella organization in the Philippines connecting all stakeholders and working together for a sustainable and globally competitive industry


Moringaling Philippines Foundation, Inc. (MPFI) is a network organization serving the moringa supply chain in the Philippines – farmers/ producers, processors/ manufacturers, health enthusiasts, suppliers, exporters and consumers of Moringa products.


Scientific Studies, information campaign. Set-up a Moringa library/ information database from government and private sources. Publish a Moringa primer/ fact sheet to arrest public misconceptions. Set-up a Moringa website/ virtual public entry point to MPFI services and moringa resources

To identify and mobilize resources and partners in the following ministry areas: research and development, product standardization, propagation/ production, human resource development, processing/ manufacturing, funding, promotion and marketing

Its OFFICIAL! MPFI is an accredited CSO under DA-PCAF

The Department of Agriculture through the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries granted the Moringaling Philippines Foundation, Inc. its Certificate of Accreditation last June 2020. The accreditation covers R&D, production and marketing of Moringa. This feat was MPFI’s advocacy to raise awareness on the benefits and potential source of income in moringa. It is also its goal for moringa to be part of the diet of every Filipino household. Likewise, engaging in moringa production is a good income generating endeavor.

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