Roadmap of MPFI, Approved by MPFI BOARD and Presented to NAFC
This is a proposal for one item of the agenda to be discussed during the forthcoming mpfi regular board meeting feb 15 at mpfi office:

1. To be the model organization in promoting medicinal herbs such as Moringa by:

a. Forming linkages with other organizations such as the GOCC’s like PITAHC and TRC

b. Making an inventory of existing moringa farms, potential farms, processing plants,etc.

c. Seeking technical support from other herbal companies for GMP such as the worldclass privately owned Herbanext

d. Making mpfi’s presence known to big pharma companies such as Pascual and Unilab for mpfi as possible raw material provider

2. To formulate steps for planning strategy:

a. Read my dissertation on the information exchange system on Moringa and other books on moringa as a good start for levelling off

b. Ocular visit to processing plants of PITAHC and TRC for possible toll manufacturing agreement

c. Identify areas for mass production of moringa and interested farm leaders

d. Invite participants to moringa congresses to increase mpfi membership thru the web

e. From membership of cross section of society, create a good management information system


3. Organize a well meaning 5th Moringa Congress significantly appreciated by the stakeholders and support organizations:

a. Employ a good accounting firm such as USand A and administration office staff

b. Internal checklist on updated requirements submission of MPFI to SEC, BIR, CDA, FDA,etc.

c. Inquiry on Japanese, US and Canada FDA,Kosher standards for possible export activities

d. Secure continuous supply of planting materials and other farm inputs for organic GAP